Ecotourism Master Plan

Master plan for a hostel near Medellin, Colombia.

In December 2014, I traveled down to Hostal la Finca near Medellin, Colombia, to produce an ecotourism plan for their hostel.  The project was completed in exchange for room and board, 
Photos from around the property - the main hostal area was previously a country home, while the surrounding area was undeveloped agricultural land.
Field notes from walking the new section of land.
Concept development sketches.
I generated a to-scale base map of the property using minimal resources: a low-res image from Google Earth checked against field measurements taken by myself and another volunteer.  The dog Caña also aided in this process.
The power went out from a thunderstorm during our main night of designing, so I worked by candlelight.
Process work:
Master plan nearing completion.
Final plan, accompanied by a written timeframe for implementation over a 10-year period.
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